(Žinomas GRANODINE 952)

Clear, environmently friendly, tricationic zinc phosphate surface pre-treatment liquid coating for metals. Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. Quick process.

BONDERITE® M-ZN 952 is a clear, environmently friendly liquid that creates a fine, crystalline tricationic zinc phosphate coating on most metals including galvanized steel and aluminum. It has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties and is suitable for spray application at +48 to +55°C. Short process time generates significant cost savings. Suitable for automatic control. Please note: BONDERITE M products are used in the surface modification of metals and usually applied in a multi-stage process. The performance of these surface treatments depends on various factors such as the preceding cleaning or etching steps (BONDERITE C portfolio), line design or process parameters.

Your benefits

  • Compatible with most metals
  • Fine, crystalline coating
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Short and robust process
  • Suitable for automatic control

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