(Žinomas AQUALINE R-180)

Water-based mould release emulsion whose high slip properties make it ideal for difficult-to-release rubbers and especially highly abrasive compounds.

Fast curing, high slip and minimum reject rates. LOCTITE FREKOTE R180 are both water based release agents which provide excellent slip properties. Recommended for the most difficult moulding applications, especially for highly abrasive compounds.

Your benefits

  • Ideal for difficult-to-release rubbers
  • Especially for highly abrasive compounds
  • High slip, low mould build-up
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Fast cure time
- Cure Time@ 60 °C: 25 minutes - Cure Time@ 100 °C: 10 minutes - Cure Time@ 150 °C: 4 minutes - Thermal Stability: <315 °C

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