(Žinomas MACROPLAST UK 178)

2-part, yellowish, polyurethane-based casting resin, NSF approved, formulated especially for spiral wound filters (RO) and application to dry substrates.

LOCTITE UK 178 is a 2-part, yellowish, polyurethane-based filler resin that is NSF approved for use in food and water handling systems. Formulated specifically for spiral wound filters (RO) and application to dry substrates, it is easy to apply and very good for gap filling. Suitable for service temperatures up to +50°C; also tolerates short exposure to +120°C. Recommended hardener is LOCTITE UK 178 B.

Your Benefits

  • NSF approved for food and water handling
  • Specifically for spiral wound filters (RO)
  • Formulated for easy application to dry substrates
  • Highly viscous
  • Service temperature +50°C
  • Solvent-free

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